Broken Hearts and Empty Stomachs

I was heart broken last week after two months of sweating and working day after day in the sun with our baseball players to learn that on a daily basis the majority of them show up at practice with an empty stomach. There is no food in their homes to eat for breakfast. Those that do have food, have bread and coffee. Try and think back for a moment to your days as a high school, college or peewee athlete. Now imagine training day after day on an empty stomach. Imagine working for or five hours every day in the sun with no fuel and never complaining. If you never played sports, imagine going to work every day and not eating until lunch. How cranky would you be? And you aren’t running in the sun. That is the reality for our kids. It crushed me for that for the two last months I had been ignorant of this problem and that somehow how our program hadn’t already done something to solve it. I couldn’t sleep. I spent the night crying and calling out to God to protect and strengthen our kids.

I still can’t understand how something hasn’t been done sooner but I’ve vowed to make sure something is done about it. For the time being I’ve resorted to buying bread, peanut butter and Gatorade every morning on the way to practice with my own money, but the long term solution is finding more sponsors for our kids and making sure that that money gets directed to our kids basic nutritional needs long after I’m back in the United States and can’t buy breakfast. I’ll get on my knees and beg if that is what takes because my heart break for these kids.

So sponsor a kid already! Your money isn’t going to bats, balls and gloves. It is going to make sure our kids have the basic nutritional necessities they need to survive and grow much less train to become professional athletes. It is going to go to making sure they have the basic educational opportunities they need to have a choice about what they are going to do with their life.

We have 4 different levels of sponsorship:

Single………………………… $32/month
Double……………………….. $64/month
Triple…………………………. $96/month
Home Run…………………… $128/month

Please sponsor a kid and get everyone you know to sponsor one too. Family, friends, enemies, acquaintances, whoever! Shoot me an email and I can tell you all about our different kids and help you pick the one that right is for you. They have truly amazing stories and God is doing an amazing work in their lives. They need our prayers too, but in this case we have the opportunity to be a part of the answer to those prayers.