ILB Ironman Event

The first I Love Baseball Ironman event took place yesterday at the Seattle Marathon. Brian Bauer is training for the Coeur d’Alene Ironman next June to help raise money and awareness for the ILB. Along the way Brian is participating in several training events to help achieve these goals. After Brian completed his first event, the 26.2 mile course at the Seattle Marathon, he said “it was a beautiful course, with great weather. All of the supporters and spirited runners were so uplifting. This was a great stepping stone, but it came apparent today that I have a long ways to go before the full Ironman in June (smiling).” Brian Completed the race in 3hours, 27 minutes, 24 seconds was very pleased with the results of the first I Love Baseball Ironman event.

During Brian’s training leading up to the Ironman in June, he will be covering 4,291 miles! The exact distance it would take Brian to run, bike, and swim from his home in Seattle all the way to Barahona, Dominican Republic. And yes, during Brians training he will be swimming the 160 miles necessary to cross the Caribean Ocean from Key West, FL to Havana, Cuba (95 miles) and once again from Baracoa, Cuba to Mole, Haiti (65 miles). Brians goal is to raise 1$ for ever mile he covers during his training.