Answered Prayer

On Wednesday I asked you all to pray for two of our players, that God would draw them closer to him, humble them and bring them into dependence on him as they got closer to signing with a pro team. Since they weren’t planning on eating dinner the night before one of the biggest days of their lives, I took one to dinner and our coach took the other. As I walked to his house, the skies were ominous and appeared ready downpour at any moment. I wondered to myself whether being out at night in a bad neighborhood with a storm brewing could possibly be a good idea, probably not. However, the rain held off and we arrived safely at the sandwich shop. 30 minutes later we emerged with full bellies and still no rain. Then the heavens opened, and we ran. On the way to the sandwich shop, we had passed by my church and seen that there was a service in progress. I shouted to him to run to the church which was a block way.

As we entered the church wet and under-dressed, I couldn’t help but my smile to myself. Thank you Father. It just felt like we were supposed to be there. I felt him telling us, there is going to be sun and there is going to be rain and come whatever weather there may be, I am here. When it rains, I’m here to protect you. I’m your safe port in the storm. Draw close to me. Whatever happens tomorrow I’m here. And when the rains stop, don’t forget me. When all your dreams come true, don’t forget me. And if they don’t, I’m still here and I love you.

As ominous as the skies were, I’m pretty sure it only rained long enough to get us running and settled comfortably in the church. Then it stopped. Coincidence, I think not?